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When did playing football begin for you?
Began in 6th grade, all throughout high school for LaSerna and a bit in college.
How long have you been coaching?
Here at LaSerna for 14 years with specifically wide receivers and second year as the head coach
What made you want to start coaching?
Love the game, greatest game in the world and being able to develop these young men into great characters is rewarding.
What do you think are your strengths when playing?
Our team plays hard, disciplined, fast and together as one.
What do you think are your weaknesses as a team?
We are inconsistent and need to eliminate penalties.
How do you feel about the chemistry of your the team and the coaches?
Never worried about not getting along, we are almost like a brotherhood and play for each other.
What are team goals for this season?
Always win league and championships.
What type of mindset do you have going into the game?
Great practice, play disciplined and take care of the little things to achieve the big things?Do you have any pregame routines that you must do before playing?                Report to classrooms, have a team dinner, meetings with coaches, and board the bus with complete silence.                                                                                                  Which team are you most excited to play?                                                          Definitely every single week but some bigger challenges are these next three teams ahead, MIra Costa, St. Francis, and Tesoro.                                                                   How do you encourage your players during a tough time during a game?             No matter if we’re up or down a couple points we as coaches are always giving commentary and feedback whether it’s yelling or not it’s all for the best.